Friday, 16 September 2011


Recently, and surprisingly, not much has been pissing me off IT wise.  The main current niggle is that neither OSX or Windows 7 seem keen to boot from an eSata caddie, whereas Ubuntu just laps it up.

I do have a bit of a grumble, and warning to those less wary, though.  Having purchased an SSD I became something of an evangelist for them.  I convinced the boss at work to buy 14 64Gb SSD drives, and I proceeded to replace the whole office's HDD's with them.

Sadly not a week after delivery we got an email from Kingston, the manufacturer, to advice that there was a teensie problem with the firmware, which has a tiny chance of bricking the drive.  So we update all the firmware as suggested.

Yesterday I sent the third and fourth drives (out of 14) back to Kingston for warranty replacement.  They are SV100S2/64G drives, is anyone is interested.  When they brick, they really do brick.  No detection by the bios, no nothing.

On the plus side, Kingston's RMA system is very good, and we got the replacements for the first drives through quickly.  It's just a shame we have to use it at all.