Monday, 16 August 2010

LAP - X - Part 6, Cursors and Fonts

The next group is Fonts, which requires a theme for the cursor to be installed first.   I am not entirely sure whether or not this is the Mouse cursor or the text entry cursor.  I think mouse, because the file is quite large

tar -xjvf xcursor-themes-1.0.2.tar.bz2
cd xcursor-themes-1.0.2
./configure $XORG_CONFIG
make install
cd ..
rm -rvf xcursor-themes-1.0.2

Not worth bothering with a script for that one. I will, again, has to script the fonts install. The same approach is taken.

sudo cat > << "ARSE" 
cd /sources/xorg/font
for package in $(grep -v '^#' ../font-7.5-2.wget)
tar -xvf $package
cd $packagedir
./configure $XORG_CONFIG
make install
cd ..
rm -rvf $packagedir
done 2>&1 | tee -a ../font-7.5-2-compile.log
echo "Next: ~/"
chmod +x ./
sudo mv ./ /media/lfs/root

For some bizarre reason the book suggests the command [rm -f $package] after removing the $packagedir. This is stupid. In effect this deletes the font files that have downloaded meaning that you would have to download them all again if you are reinstalling the whole of Xorg. Why would you want to reinstall the whole of Xorg? Well, if for instance you went to bed half way through the installation, and forgot that you had compiled a package but not actually installed it, you would have to go back to that step to start again. It would then be pretty fucking frustrating to discover that the god damned stupid script for Fonts had deleted all of the god damned downloaded fonts.

So I have deleted that line.

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