Sunday, 5 September 2010

LAP - All in One - Build Times

The actual process of compiling LFS the first time around is lengthy and painful pain in the arse. So it is pleasing to benchmark the time it takes to auto compile the whole lot. These are the relevant times for my i5-750 and the replacement i7-870 using the ramdisk:

real 27m30.622s
user 34m23.369s
sys 7m23.240s

real 26m41.127s
user 39m37.777s
sys 4m21.224s

Actual Build
real 36m3.964s
user 36m2.979s
sys 6m54.990s

real 36m8.174s
user 39m14.963s
sys 4m4.027s

real 13m49.355s
user 7m13.171s
sys 0m33.742s

real 12m10.133s
user 9m14.311s
sys 0m35.246s

Hardware & Documentation
real 10mX.XXXs

I did not note down the exact time.

real 41m25.104s

Yes, that means that Xorg took longer to compile than the whole LFS system, but it was being built on the USB Key itself, not in RAM. I expect this to drop by at least a third and potentially more if I can tweak the script to unpack and compile on the RAM disk.

Desktop Stuff
real 13m52.810s
user 10m20.872s
sys 1m32.297s

I have also worked out how to install firefox (and will post the full instructions when they are tidied up in due course). I also timed it and the results are:

Firefox (paused a bit and I missed it during plugins).
real 28m6.401s
user 22m36.031s
sys 1m11.702s

That WAS compiled from the ramdisk, and it is worth commenting that a single web browser takes nearly the same amount of time to compile as the rest of the operating system. Sheesh.

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