Friday, 12 November 2010

Command Line F1 Live Timing

Live Timing is pretty much essential for any self respecting F1 fan. It lets you follow what is going on for every car, so you are not restricted to what ever the (usually braindead) director chooses to show you from time to time.

Bad news. It needs Java to work. This is unfortunate if you want it to run on an inexpensive Netbook which struggles with Java. Also, it crashes from time to time, and restarting a browser and reloading a Java page is not much fun.

Helpfully some chap has written a command line client for live timing, and you can get it here:


You install it as follows:

tar -xzvf live-f1-0.2.10.tar.gz
cd live-f1_0.2.10

The software will now be available in the [./src] directory, and you can run it by typing:


You need to set up your user/password file in [~] as follows:

cat > ~/.f1rc << "EOF"

OBVIOUSLY you change the YOUR_X bits to match your log on details from the Live Timing's website.

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