Friday, 31 December 2010

eBook Management on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install calibre

Should deal with dependencies, but will install an OOD version. So then:

sudo python -c "import urllib2; exec urllib2.urlopen('').read(); main()"

To update to the latest.

Sigil for ePub editing:

chmod +x Sigil-0.3.1-Linux-x86-Setup.bin
sudo ./Sigil-0.3.1-Linux-x86-Setup.bin

Open the ePub file in Sigil. If it doesn't open or has an error, convert the epub to itself, which will over write the existing epub - so back up first.

Then open the folder "Styles" under the Book Browser, and open the Stylesheet.css

In the style sheet, change all margin{left,right} to 0.

Control S to save. Then exit Sigil.

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