Friday, 1 April 2011

Can I Exchange this for something that works?

OK, so they you are running Ubuntu on your work PC. You can connect to the office Exchange server using Evolution so you can get all your email. You are doing all of this using open source software. You are most likely feeling pretty smug.

Eventually you will want to leave the office, so you want to fire on the out of office notifications in Evolution. You read about how to do so. You find out you need to follow this chain of menus and buttons:

Edit -> Preferences -> Edit -> Account Editor -> Exchange Settings -> I am out of the office.

However, at the second "Edit" you get a "Evolution Error" window informing you that the lovely open source program you were oh so smug about "could not read out-of-office state"

Bastard. The problem is that if you google for help on this error, the search terms "state" and "evolution" tend to pollute the results with results about the particular subset of Americans who could politely be called reality-challenged. They could also impolitely be described as the type of fucking cretins who would happily watch their friends and family combusting in agonising pain if their sacred text of choice said that humans were impervious to fire.

Even searching in the Ubuntu Forums, I cannot find an answer to this. Or, come to it, why even though I have selected Global Contact List for Auto Completion in the settings, it doesn't fucking auto complete email addresses from the Global Contacts List.

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