Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Mount Windows Shares in Arch

Oh for fucks sake this is difficult. It should be easy, really it should be easy, but the combination of shitty documentation, and crap network authentication standards leads to a mess.

It should work, on a temporary basis with these commands:

mkdir /media/network
mount -t cifs "//server/share/" /media/network -o username=myusername,password=mypassword
There should be a way to do all this automatically with smbnetfs, but that software is currently fucked.

Otherwise, this might have stood a chance:
pacman -S smbnetfs
modprobe fuse
nano /etc/fuse.conf #uncomment 'user_allow_other'
/etc/rc.d/smbnetfs start
This does stand a chance, actually. Just not with anything that should, god forbid, use some kind of username/password security. Configuration is in:
Which failing a forced manual mount would look like this:
cd /mnt/smbnet/DOMAIN:myusername:mypassword@server
But that fails with the delightfully informative "Transport endpoint is not connected", which makes about as much intuitive sense as "Your wurfle strip has sturbified, you must re-cognificate your panzel-struder".

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